Why choose solid wood flooring?

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May 30, 2017

Why choose solid wood flooring?

If you are looking for a special element to complete the look of your residential or commercial space, solid wood flooring is just your answer. A choice by many for centuries, it is the most traditional yet timeless piece. Aside from the aesthetic benefits of it, twentytwolab.com is going to guide you through 8 reasons why you will literally fall in love with the solid wood flooring.

Solid wood flooring requires low maintenance. It doesn’t require special cleaning. Just with your normal cleaning routines like sweeping, mopping or vacuuming will keep them looking great. If you have children or pets, solid wood flooring eases your daily cleaning as all you need is to wipe it. What makes it easier to maintain is it only needs deep cleaning once a year, then you’ll be able to enjoy the warm wood texture under your feet.

They are strong and durable. Wood flooring is hard surfaces that can last for decades. Even when the surface is scratched or dented, solutions for repairing is simple and found abundantly. While others are busy replacing their flooring every 5 years, enjoy what real wood flooring has to offer as it looks better as years go by.

For wood flooring, you don’t have to replace it to get a brand new look, just refinish it. Rather than spending a whole lot of money on getting a new floor, plan years ahead by choosing a solid wood flooring.

With the low maintenance, durable and refinish properties of solid wood flooring, we know it is the most cost effective choice in a long term. The quality of a solid wood is incomparable to other wood and long-lasting quality makes them a cost effective flooring option. Just by paying a little more, you get to save much more in the end.

Solid wood flooring is more hygienic. You can easily clean the wooden floor with its organic property, it will attract less dust hence fewer molds will be present. In fact, they actually increase the air quality in your home. So if there’s a baby in the house, it is the safest, non-allergic choice recommended for families.

Let your house stand out and be like no other with real wood. Real wood provides natural beauty that is different and unique from each other depending on the origin tree. The unique flooring with different color tones and swirls cannot be manufactured in factories will add your own personality to your home.

Create value not only in your home but also help save the environment. You can be a part of the choice of natural, eco-friendly and sustainable home with real solid wood.

Be an expert by increasing the value to your home. Real estate agents have stated that wooden flooring sale out 2 times faster than ordinary flooring. So the reality is the value of your home does skyrocket with your decision of a solid wood flooring.

To sum up why you should buy solid wood by comparing with other flooring.
• It is much durable and lost longer with little maintenance compared to artificial wood.
• It has the most natural look as it is real wood.
• It is more hygienic if health is a priority for you and your family.
• It is a long-term investment for property to be evaluated at a higher price.

Are you looking at all aspects of this decision? Do value the benefits you and family will gain with this decision? If you want a guarantee for your health, money, time and home aesthetics, solid wood flooring will be the best choice you will ever make! Dial us up at (03) 5613 2826 for yours today!

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