How to take care of laminated flooring

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May 30, 2017
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May 30, 2017

How to take care of laminated flooring


For you to enjoy your laminate floor for years to come, we at have just the thing for you. Want to know how to take care and maintain your laminated floors? Follow some of these tips and make it as if brand new!

Caring For Your Laminate Floor

Daily cleaning is very important to keep floor surface from dirt and dust, but additionally, caring for it also plays a role for it to look brand new! So we provide simple ways for you to care for your laminate floor.

  •    Prevent scratches on the surface by investing on high-quality floor mats or felt pads under furniture to protect them from damaging the laminate floors.
  •    Keep dirt and dust from entering the house by placing a right at the entrance. This especially removes the moisture that will damage the surface of the laminate floor.
  •    Clean up liquid spills on the laminate floor surface with a dry cloth or sponge. Try avoiding spills as the surface is easily swollen by moisture, and the damage can’t be repaired.


Maintenance of Your Laminate Floor

  •    Use a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop rather than anything wet to remove dirt or dust. It not only effectively cleans the surface, but avoids surface damage by moisture over time.
  •    Avoid laminate floorings from direct UV sunlight penetration by using curtains.  
  •    Avoid stains on flooring surface by not using soap-based detergents.


Additionally, for a long lasting durable flooring, here are additional knowledge on the dos and don’ts while cleaning your laminate flooring.


  •    Regular cleaning to remove dirt and dust accumulating on it.
  •    Use hot water for cleaning to remove unwanted dirt.
  •    Use a dust mop rather than a regular wet mop
  •    Wipe away dirt with a clean cotton cloth
  •    Clean dust with a soft cotton that is non-abrasive



  •    Sand or refinish your laminate floor.
  •    Pour liquid on the floor and leave it standing on the floor.
  •    Steam cleaners
  •    Use abrasive cleaners


Laminate is a highly used flooring for active families because of its durability. Allow your family to continue to enjoy the benefits of the laminate floors by cleaning it the right way. We at are more than happy to share about how you can have the best experience through simple steps. Find out more by calling us up at (03) 5613 2826.

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