Tips on choosing wood flooring

How to take care of laminated flooring
May 30, 2017

Tips on choosing wood flooring

When choosing between wood floorings, what is the first thing you take into consideration? Is it the look it gives to your home? Or is it the functionality of the wood flooring in your room? Choosing the right floor is a major decision as it can be a big investment for your house if you want it to be long lasting for years. So we at wish to give you some professional tips & tricks to help you to choose between wood floorings.


Tips on choosing, buying and maintaining my floor.

Choosing or buying the perfect wood flooring can be easy just by following these 3 step: Budget, Style, and Usage.

BUDGET: When a budget is in place, more resources can be allocated to specific rooms. It also gives a choice of self-installing or getting help from expertise for your flooring.

STYLE: Wood floorings are known for giving a room warm, natural but luxurious look. A choice of flooring can also further compliment the future choice of furniture, completing the look of a room.

USAGE: Once you’ve envisioned the style, the last step is to consider the usage of the floors based on material choice. For example, a strong flooring such as wood can be an excellent choice for a big family while still comfortable to bare feet.


Maintain your wood flooring with the following

  •         Cleaning: Remove dust and dirt regularly with a simple sweep or vacuum.
  •         Protect: Prevent wear and tears by putting felt pads under furniture legs
  •         Renew finish: Brighten surface early with fresh coatings
  •         Beware soaking: Clean any liquid spills instantly to prevent soaking into wood floorings, causing it to swell up.


Expert tips for installing wooden floors

Here are 8 simple steps to installing your own wood floorings advised from our team.

  •         Measure room and estimate wood floorings needed
  •         Prepare the subfloor
  •         Level and clean the subfloor
  •         Acclimate the wood floorings
  •         Determine the layout and then place markings
  •         Layout the wood flooring
  •         Snap together, cut and fasten successive strips.
  •         Sand and coat the flooring

Find the process way to complex? Let our professionals at do the dirty work for you. You are guaranteed to have the best materials installed to get the best possible outcome.


How to choose between laminate, engineered wood, and real wood flooring?


Laminate wood flooring

Laminate flooring made up of layers of wood based material with wood grain on the top surface. Compared to real wood flooring, it is much easier to install and less expensive. It can be found mostly in living rooms.


  •         It’s cheap.
  •         Found in a variety materials with “natural” look.


  •         Less attractive compared to real wood, low-quality ones may look artificial
  •         Surface hard to fix once damaged.
  •         Easily swollen by moisture.


Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood consists of a real hardwood veneer attached to a number of plywood layers. Found to be ideal for slab and basement installations.


  •         Maintained by sanding and refinishing, but not as many times as real wood.
  •         Greater moisture and heat resistance to the material.
  •         It is cheaper than real wood and more attractive than laminate flooring
  •         Can be installed in different ways: nailed, glued or stapled.


  •         Thin top layers
  •         Found more expensive than laminate flooring.


Real wood flooring

It is made from only wood. It’s the toughest to install and most expensive. Real wood floors can be found anywhere with aesthetic purpose: living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms


  •         It looks beautiful and fabulous
  •         Durable, easy to maintain by sanding and refinish


  •         Swells up during damp conditions and shrinks at dry ones.
  •         Very tough to install compared to others
  •         Highest price

We have given you the most basic information helped needed for your understanding. So are you ready for the experts to create your ideal home environment? Get your ideal home a makeover now! Our team at is more than enthusiastic to serve your needs. Call us up at (03) 5613 2826.

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